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If we are to describe Abujaber Investment Group, also known as Abujaber Brothers, and its decades of experience, its leading role within the Jordanian community, its track record of success, and its vision of business, all in one sentence… that sentence would be "Turning first into finest".


Abujaber's legacy was founded on pioneering; almost every sector tapped and venture explored was the first of its kind in Jordan, and often the region.

Having novel ideas may not be exclusive to Abujaber family, but they certainly top the list when it comes to turning these "firsts" into the "finest" profitable investments of their kind on the ground.


From insurance to dairy products, tourism to information technology, investment banking to producing beverages, telecommunications to paper manufacturing, and all the local and global diversified investments on its portfolio, Abujaber has proven its investment formula a success time and time again.


The spirit of pioneering is still very much a part of Abujaber Investments' philosophy today as the Group pursues solid new investments within and beyond Jordan's borders.


Another major contributor to Abujaber Investment Group's success is its ability to partner with the best product and service providers across the world.


Over the past six decades, the diversification of investments and the solidification of asset base have kept the Group immune to the turbulence of markets. And today, as it stands proud of all that it has achieved, the Abujaber Investment Group is still as open as it ever was to innovative ideas, trustworthy partners, new opportunities, and fresh challenges.

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