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Dr. Raouf Abujaber

Jordan is a constantly evolving nation, a land proud of its history, a country that has withstood the test of time and thrived in the face of seemingly overwhelming challenges; it is a pioneering kingdom that has proven time and time again its unique ability to navigate rough seas and explore uncharted waters.


Raouf Abujaber embodies the essence of Jordan and all what it stands for. His story is a reflection of the nation he proudly served and helped develop into the promising success it is today.


Dr. Abujaber's status as a Jordanian business icon is an undisputed one. Trace back his steps and you'll learn all you need to know of how so many economic sectors evolved into what they are today… see things through his eyes, and you'll believe in the promising future of Jordan's economy.


The true passion of Raouf Abujaber may lay in philanthropy, but his economic achievements are the hallmarks of his contribution to Jordan.

Always one of a pioneer's mindset, Raouf Abujaber was the first to introduce Insurance into Jordan when he was still a fresh graduate of the AUB and remained the main figure in this sector for decades after that. This approach became what Raouf Abujaber was best known for over the past 6 decades as he introduced many an untapped venture to the country.


After mentoring his two sons, Ziad and Marwan, until they were able to contribute to the enhancement of Abujaber's diversified investments and become leading businessmen in their own right, Raouf Abujaber is dividing his time between philanthropy and chairing Abujaber Group.

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