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Ziad abujaber

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"… this proverb rings true in the case of Ziad, being the first of Dr. Raouf Abujaber's sons to join the group after getting his Business and Economics BA back in 1988 from Washington University.


Ziad Abujaber did not only take in the mentoring of his father, but he also lived up to the same Abujaber pioneering spirit.


He steadily moved into the insurance giant, United Insurance, started by Dr. Raouf, and started exploring new investment opportunities in the financial sector.


Ziad made his mark on the market in 1994 by being one of the founding partners of FastLink, Jordan's first GSM provider. This was a move that established Ziad Abujaber as a force to be reckoned with in the Jordanian market.


The FastLink skillful move was followed by many groundbreaking fresh ideas which were turned into lucrative and diversified investments.


However, the successes under Ziad's belt were truly crowned in 2000 by his introduction of the TalaBay project in Aqaba. This flagship project of The Jordan Projects for Tourism Development, which Ziad Abujaber chairs, is the first, and only, integrated real estate project in Jordan.


Ziad's masterful approach to investment not only earned the Abujaber Group a significantly higher net-worth, but it further established the Group's status as a market leader and a beacon for successful investment in the MENA region. This was done through recognizing and activating untapped resources, new technologies, talented experts, and competent partners.


In addition to heading Abujaber Brothers and chairing JPTD and JPCF, Ziad Abujaber sits on the board of InvestBank and United Insurance. He also dedicates a healthy portion of his efforts to the development of the Group's overseas investments and Canada.

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